Mathieu Mirano exploded onto the scene in 2011 with his much-lauded, nine-piece capsule collection.  After attending Huntington School of Fine Arts and New York’s Parsons School of Design, the then 19-year-old’s unique and refreshing interpretation of womenswear beguiled even the most esteemed Fashion publications.  Pursuant to this resounding success, Mirano launched his eponymous brand – Mathieu Mirano – in 2012. 

The succeeding years have seen Mirano flourish. He has cemented his position within the Fashion community – each successive season earns him ever more accolades. He has also developed a loyal following amongst private and celebrity clients – such as, Julianne Moore, Karlie Kloss, and Nicole Richie, to name a few – who revel in Mirano’s one-of-a-kind designs that speak to their innate, voracious strength while remaining delicate and decidedly feminine. 

Visually dramatic, drawing inspiration from Nature’s prodigious, yet subtle power and beauty, Mirano’s pieces are exquisite, hand-crafted works of art. Innovative textiles and unique techniques unite to replicate the myriad of wonders found in Nature.

Without losing sight of his inspiration, the heart of Mirano’s vision lies in creating an innovative way in which women wear eveningwear by approaching each collection with a youthful and modern eye. As such, each garment fits perfectly into the modern woman’s wardrobe, allowing her to transition seamlessly from day to night while retaining a timeless appeal. In homage to his native New York City, Mirano creates each garment piece-by-piece in his atelier located in the heart of the City’s Garment District.